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Camarillo/Ventura County
35 Years Experience

Mortgage Broker

All-In-One Camarillo Real Estate and Camarillo Mortgage Broker

Because we are both a Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Broker, we have a unique advantage over other real estate firms in Ventura County.

First, we have a COMPLETE AND THOROUGH understanding of  the Ventura County Real Estate market.  We know the values of homes, we know the areas of the county that can suit your specific needs.

Secondly, we understand what it takes to get you into a mortgage.  Our experiences of 1000’s of real estate and mortgage transactions provides us with concrete, reliable and very helpful knowledge of mortgages.

Thirdly, we know BOTH real estate and mortgages — together.  This means we understand all angles of getting you in the home of your dreams.  We know what we need to do to help you get the loan and the home that works best for you.

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Dave Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

Over 35 Years Experience in Camarillo Real Estate and Home Loans

We’ve been dealing with real estate and mortgage loans for over 35 years here in Ventura County.  In that time, we’ve experienced numerous changes and 1000’s of transactions.  We know how to deal with other real estate firms, real estate sellers and buyers and so much more.  Our experience shows through when we arrange your loan and when we help you select or sell your home.

When it comes to a Real Estate Agent, they all cost you about the same, so why not pay the same and get greater experience and knowledge that helps you tremendously?

(805) 389-0505
Dave Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

Save $1000’s with a combined Real Estate and Mortgage Transaction

As a real estate and mortgage broker, we often handle the real estate transaction and the mortgage together for our clients.  This allows us to bundle some of the costs and can save you considerable amounts.

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Dave Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

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Smaller Operation Means
More Personalized Attention

At first, you may think there are advantages in dealing with a large national Real Estate chain.  However, take a closer look and you will see the personalized service we provide is simply better.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle because we focus on your needs better and can accommodate your your preferences.  We are a family business of Real Estate agents and we are the Real Estate Broker as well.

(805) 389-0505
Dave and Sue Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker