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Getting the best price for your home is only one of the important factors to consider when selling. You also need a smooth transaction, someone to handle the details, give you expert advice, really help with the negotiations and more.

We use the MLS service to get your home listed with real estate agents everywhere. This is the very best way to connect with a current potential buyer.  We also utilize our network of buyers and sellers from almost 40 years worth of real estate transactions in Camarillo and Ventura County.

Today, finding buyers is not very difficult because it is a seller’s market.  So the difference comes in how your transaction progresses and how simple it is for YOU.  We can also help you choose the right buyer during a bidding war between multiple home buyers.

Lets us handle the sale of your home and you’ll be happy you did. We save you money, time and certainly make it much easier for you.

Buying Real Estate

Buying Your Next Home

Buying your next home can be a fun an exciting event.  We help keep it that way by avoiding the pitfalls.

Our Big Advantages:

  1. We have the experience you need — over 35 years: We have seen it all and dealt with hundreds of transactions.  We help you negotiate effectively and provide you with advice that works out best for your needs.
  2. We provide personalized care: Because we are not a big company, we get to know each of our clients very well. We find out exactly what you are looking for in a home and what you want to avoid. Then we go to work to find that perfect home.

Important Issues to consider when buying your next home:

  1. Paying the right price for the property. The price you pay today for your home will stick with you for many years. It is important to get the lowest possible price without overpaying. In today’s marketplace with high competition and bidding wars, you need experience and skill in the negotiation prices. Surprisingly, many agents leave the decision making process in your hands and don’t provide very good advice. That’s the difference with our company — our experience and negotiating skill saves you money and makes the transaction much smoother.
  2. Finding the right home. The supply of homes in our area is somewhat limited in today’s marketplace. That is one of the main reasons that housing prices have risen so much. But this can make it difficult for you to find your dream home. Our experience allows us to help you find just the right home. We use the same tools as other agents, and a whole lot more.
  3. Getting the financing. Once you’ve found the perfect home you wan to buy, you want to make sure you get the financing. Many real estate deals fall apart right here. Some surprise raises itself during the process that inhibits your ability to get the financing completed in time for the seller’s cooperation.

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