Real Estate Broker?

As a broker for home mortgages I offer you many benefits over your other choices.

  • As a Mortgage Broker, I hunt down and match you to the very best mortgage for YOUR situation.  Compare this to choosing one lender that offers what they offer and if that’s not perfect for you, you’ll either get a non-perfect loan or you’ll need to start over with another lender.

BUYING? Our Experience Stops You From Over-paying for Your Home

Recent sales during 2021 have made it quite challenging finding a home to buy.  It’s currently a sellers market, and it’s common to see numerous offers on each home listed – immediately.

How do we increase the chance of getting a home and not overpaying?

NEARLY 4 DECADES OF EXPERIENCE.  We’ve seen this scenario many times in Camarillo and Ventura County over our nearly 40 years in the Camarillo Real Estate market.  While there is no guarantee you’ll get that home you’re bidding on, our experience can increase the odds – considerably.

Contact us today and we’ll begin to formulate the plan to help you get that home you’ve been dreaming about.

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Dave Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

Need a Mortgage? Don’t limit your options, we find the best loan available for YOU!

Today, just opening your eyes for a moment you’ll see ads for mortgage lenders everywhere.  You see ads on TV, hear them on the Radio and you see them everywhere on the Internet.  So, why not use them?

A mortgage broker matches borrowers with best lenders

Working with a single mortgage lender means you’re being into what the lender has to offer.  As a mortgage broker I fully learn your financial situation and real estate needs – and then find the best mortgage company and program that’s right for you.

How do we save you a ton of hassle, time and money?

We are an extremely experienced mortgage broker that has enormous sources to help us find the right loan for YOUR particular needs.  This means instead of you calling and talking to various lenders (and taking the FICO score hit from multiple inquiries), you talk to one.  We get to know your exact circumstances good, bad or in between.  Then we match that with the options that are just right – highest chance of obtaining the loan and for the very best terms for YOU.

Call me and let’s start understanding your financial picture and mortgage needs today that’ll set you up for success quickly.

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Dave Tapie, Real Estate & Mortgage Broker