We are dedicated to finding you just the right home and loan for YOUR NEEDS And, saving you $1000’s in the process.

Home Loans & Refinancing

We have access to scores of companies that provide loans to people in all kinds of situations.?We help you identify your needs and match them up with just the right home loan.Why do our clients come back to us and send their friends to us??Because we provide you with that personal touch.?We are a small company that is committed to each one of our customers.?

Here are the main reasons people like dealing with us for home loans:

  • We pay close attention to the details of your loans.?
  • We want to make sure you get the loan you deserve as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • We care about your particular credit situation.?Even when you have an issue that is challenging, we help you deal with it in a positive manner. You are not just a number with us.?
  • With many big companies, you never get that personal attention you need.?And you’ve heard those horror stories of losing a house in escrow because of a mess-up with the loan with the big companies.?
  • We have access to scores of lenders.?This allows us to find just the right one for your situation.?We work very hard to get you the very lowest rates and fees possible.?

Real Estate

We help you maximize your experience and money when buying or selling a home.?With over 20 years experience in helping clients buy and sell homes we have what it takes to make your buying or selling experience a positive one.?

Here’s how we can help with buying a home:

  • Because we devote very personal attention to your needs, we work very hard to find the home that matches up with your needs.
  • Our experience allows us to make sure the house really is right for your needs and there isn’t a hidden problem that will surface later.
  • We’ve got the negotiating skills to help you get the very best price for the home you choose.?This can save you lots of money.
  • We are diligent in our commitment to finding you the home of your dreams.?Every day we are searching for a match for your needs.?And when we find one, we jump on it right away for you.
  • We keep constant communication going with you.?This way when we hear of anything, you hear it too.

Combined Real Estate and Loans

Because we are a broker that handles both Real Estate transactions and Home Loans, we can save you $1000’s.?When you use us for both your home purchase and your home loan, we discounts our fees.?There is another benefit to you by combining your purchase and loan.?We work hard to make sure everything is synchronized between the purchase and the loan.?This makes things much less stressful for you and much more convenient.?It also helps prevent surprises by the loan company that could make you lose out on getting the home of your choice.

V.A. Loans

If you are a veteran, you may be surprised to find out that the loan maximums for a VA loan have recently been raised.?So, you may be able to afford much more house than you previously thought you could.?I have helped many, many veterans over the years with their VA loans.?I am a Veteran myself.?I provide the care and attention needed to make your transaction go smoothly.

My particular expertise in the area of VA loans can save you lots of money and lots of time.?I can be your source for information to help you get the home loan you deserve.