Refinancing Info

It is no surprise to see so many people refinancing their home a second or third time in the last few years.?The values of our homes have risen significantly and for many it makes sense to pull out some of the equity.

Pay off high interest credit card debt

Pay off car or boat loans

Consolidate debts to lower your monthly payout

Make home improvements (increases the value of your home, makes it easier to sell later, and makes it more comfortable for you for years to come)

What ever your reason for wanting to refinance, I can help. Just give me a call and let me know what you’re hoping to do.?I will fire a bunch of quick questions at you and help you nail down a final number right away.  I also can answer any questions about qualifying (even “no income verification” loans).

Call me today and in about 18 days you can have some of that equity sitting in your bank account instead.

If you have more questions, you can call us at 805-389-0505, send in an information request online or email us.